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Providing expert advisory services to navigate the ESG landscape

GRACosway assists companies improve their approaches to effectively communicating their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies to investors, the broader financial community, and the growing number of ESG stakeholders.

We work closely with clients to ensure their ESG reporting is clear, communicated consistently, is based on their material ESG opportunities and risks, and meets investor and other stakeholder expectations.

With heightened awareness of ESG matters and growing stakeholder interest in the landscape, it is integral that organisations assess and enhance their ability to respond to an ESG incident in a timely and effective manner.

Drawing on our extensive expertise, we assist companies address and mitigate critical ESG business matters in the areas of investor relations, shareholder activism, government relations, and community outreach.

We offer a comprehensive suite of ESG advisory services, including:

  • ESG investor communications: Ensuring ESG reporting is clear, communicated consistently, based on material ESG opportunities and risks, and meets industry guidelines as well as investor and other stakeholder expectations.
  • Regulatory compliance: Supporting companies disclose and report on ESG matters in accordance with continuously evolving regulatory requirements and reporting standards.
  • ESG engagement strategies: Developing an ESG engagement strategy that can be incorporated into the company’s investor relations, corporate communications and public affairs strategies and timelines.
  • Activism campaign preparedness: Providing strategic counsel and support to prepare for, and defend against, ESG activism campaigns or proxy advisers.
  • Public policy guidance: Guiding clients through the public policy development process, government stakeholder management, and progressing policy proposals that will resonate with government stakeholders.
  • Investor and stakeholder engagement: Drawing on our experience to identify and effectively engage with ESG stakeholders, ensuring our clients are fully prepared to engage with investors and other stakeholders directly.
  • Crisis and issues management: We provide strategic counsel and hands-on support for ESG-related issues and crises, developing and implementing strategies the protect and enhance our clients’ reputations.

For further information on our ESG advisory services please contact:

Kylie Ramsden
Managing Partner, Investor Relations
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Geoff Elliott
Managing Partner, Corporate and Financial Communications
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Richard King
Managing Partner, Public Affairs
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