Public affairs

Solutions that go beyond the traditional concept of government relations

GRACosway’s multipartisan team of public affairs professionals is led by Managing Partner, Kirsten Mulley.

We provide clients with a range of solutions that help build constructive lines of communication with government and other key stakeholders to achieve important business objectives. As a respected leader in public affairs for over 20 years, we know the strategies and approaches likely to be effective in dealing with government. Our senior practitioners work with clients to successfully navigate the federal, state and territory policy and political landscape.

The GRACosway team provides the following services:

  • Policy, regulatory and legislative advice: strategic counsel, policy formulation, active monitoring and tactical support to achieve regulatory outcomes or contest, promote or amend legislation
  • Political and policy audit: information gathering and analysis to determine how a client, project or policy agenda is likely to be perceived in light of a range of political, policy and other relevant factors
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement: identification of key government and other influencers, and assistance in liaising with stakeholders in pursuit of regulatory or business objectives
  • Government and parliamentary inquiry assistance: guidance on formulation of written submissions to inquiries, public hearing participation and other advocacy activities
  • Major projects, procurement and bid advisory: specialist advice on government procurement processes, such as asset sales, PPPs, major projects and outsourcing opportunities
  • Merger and acquisition advice: working with proponents and their financial and legal advisers to understand key political and policy issues, and achieve foreign investment and other necessary regulatory approvals
  • Business development strategy: research, preparation and implementation of strategies focused on market entry/expansion into government and regulated industry sectors
  • Investor counsel: assisting investors in regulated industry sectors understand policy and regulatory issues and trends
  • Crisis and issues management: planning, developing and executing strategies to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences on critical and time-sensitive client issues

Global reach

To assist our clients compete on an international scale, GRACosway collaborates with a number of the world’s leading public affairs companies. The firm is a member of the Interel Global Partnership, a network of specialist public affairs partners covering more than 60 markets worldwide.