Queensland Election Newsletter – Issue 3

20 January 2015:

With the Queensland election just over 10 days away, both major parties have now launched their respective campaigns outlining the key issues they will focus on into the final week.

Labor Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk launched the Opposition’s campaign in Ipswich today, notably promising to ‘rescue TAFE’ and spend money in the regions. Palaszczuk committed $240 million over four years to provide jobs training for over 30,000 people and an increase in apprenticeships at government-run corporations. She also re-announced money for the Great Barrier Reef and a new focus on seniors, saying a Labor Government will have a dedicated Cabinet minister to oversee the newly-created portfolio.

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt also released the Party’s debt reduction plan, promising to ‘pay down debt without losing the $2 billion income stream the LNP will give away through asset sales’; the LNP says Labor has committed $1.3 billion in new spending without a plan to pay for it.

Campbell Newman launched the LNP campaign over the weekend to the party faithful, highlighting his achievements in health, education and transport over the past three years. The Premier announced a new policy to reward safe young drivers, money to reduce water bills and $90 million over three years for a Research to Reality Fund for scientific research grants to boost innovation. Newman was also in Ipswich in recent days to highlight the LNP’s policies on law and order and today, announced money for a Queensland tourism fund to attract major sporting, film and cultural events.

Labor continues to bring attention to the lack of Federal Liberal colleagues on the campaign trail in stark contrast to the number of federal ALP frontbenchers, including Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, and Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek, who have both made appearances in recent days. The LNP however, has firmly focused its messaging on trust and the economy, drawing attention to its wins since coming to government, its plan for debt reduction through the Strong Choices plan and highlighting Labor’s history of privatisation of Queensland assets.  A truck making circuits around the ALP launch today sought to highlight this with a travelling billboard, accusing Labor of hypocrisy.

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