NSW Budget 2021-22: Key Portfolio Measures

22 June 2021

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Treasury, Premier and Cabinet

The Government has made further investments to continue the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through investment in Treasury digitisation, future infrastructure projects and the tourism sector. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Treasury and Premier and Cabinet Clusters totals $17.4 billion, including:

  • $12 billion towards a sustainable fiscal environment, including funding for the Treasury Banking System, the State’s core debt portfolio, the administration of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund, Restart NSW Fund, NSW Generations Fund, overseeing the State’s investments, and managing the state’s Defined Benefit Superannuation Scheme.
  • $844.8 towards the Premier and Cabinet’s Community Engagement division to support NSW arts, culture and heritage sectors, including $840 million for the new Powerhouse Parramatta.
  • $828 million to the Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment.
  • $789.1 million for Resilience NSW for the coordination of disaster management, recovery and community resilience through the NSW Storm and Flood Recovery package and the establishment of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Research and Technology Program.
  • $750 million for the new Sydney Fish Markets.
  • $416.1 million towards Investment NSW for the purposes of driving local and international investment and creating jobs.
  • $373.4 million to Destination NSW for the promotion of the State’s tourism and major events sector.
  • $355.2 million to the ongoing development of the Barangaroo precinct.

Customer Service

The Government continues to invest in economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through stimulus initiatives and investment in the Digital Restart Fund, the Public Safety Network and the Data Analytics Centre. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Customer Service Cluster totals $4.3 billion, including:

  • $668.9 million to Service NSW for the administration of stimulus funds in response to the financial impacts of COVID-19 and recent natural disasters.
  • $500 million towards the Digital Restart Fund (DRF), supporting ICT initiatives for customer-driven collaboration, transformation and increased cyber security. The funding will be administered over three years and will bring the total DRF to $2.1 billion.
  • $221.9 million to the final phase of the Critical Communications Enhancement Program Services Organisation (CCEP) for the Public Safety Network of all Emergency Services Organisations.
  • $50 million towards digital dining and entertainment vouchers in the Sydney CBD.
  • $41.9 million towards 12 country race club infrastructure projects across NSW for the improvement of facilities and animal welfare. The funding is a part of $59.9 million that will be administered over three years.
  • $9.1 million to the Data Analytics Centre for the improvement of delivery of services via improved use of data and insights. The funding is a part of $38.3 million to be administered over the forward estimates.


The Government continues to spend heavily in the transport sector, with substantial investment in infrastructure development for Sydney’s metro, buses, rail, and motorways. These investments aim to improve the connectivity of central Sydney with the wider community and increase accessibility to other areas of NSW. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Transport Cluster is $35.5 billion, including:

  • $3.1 billion this year, and $6.1 billion in forward estimates, for the continued construction of the Sydney Metro City and Southwest connecting to Chatswood and Bankstown.
  • $2.9 billion to progress the construction of Sydney Metro West, improving the journey time between Westmead and the Sydney CBD.
  • $1.6 billion to maintain bus services throughout NSW, including regional, metropolitan, and school services.
  • $1.2 billion to continue the construction of the WestConnex Motorway.
  • $1.1 billion to commence the Sydney Gateway road construction project.
  • $1.1 billion for the implementation of the More Trains, More Services program, to increase the Greater Sydney rail service frequency and connectivity.
  • $943 million to the construction of the Sydney Metro-Western Sydney Airport connection.
  • $657 million to continue the construction of the Parramatta Light Rail to support the growth of communities in Western Sydney.
  • $645.7 million in road safety improvements with an emphasis on high-risk regional areas.
  • $365 million to upgrade existing train stations under the Transport Access Program.
  • $281.4 million to deliver the Mariyung rail rolling stock, which will improve the accessibility and enhanced safety for regional rail travellers between Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, the South Coast, and the Blue Mountains.


In the health sector, the Government continues to invest in vaccine distribution, the digitisation of healthcare records, new hospital development and enhanced emergency services. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Health Cluster totals $30.2 billion, including:

  • $340 million to fund personal protective equipment procurement and associated warehousing costs.
  • $261.3 million to support COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
  • $200 million for COVID pop-up clinics, testing and contact tracing.
  • $159.3 million to fund the servicing of new hospitals scheduled to open this year.
  • $141 million to unify the electronic medical records, to improve digitisation and the patient experience.
  • $126 million over the next four years to develop NSW Ambulance operations with an integrated facility at Sydney Olympic Park
  • $109.5 million over the next four years to develop 25 Youth Mental Health Crisis Teams across the state.
  • $145.4 million for quarantine services and supporting travellers who require medical assistance.
  • $82.8 million over the next four year to improve and strengthen specialist palliative care services.
  • $80 million to fund additional elective surgery programs.

Planning, Industry and Environment

The Government continues to promote the state’s natural heritage, including greater investment in national parks. The budget will also invest in the Government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Planning, Industry and Environment Cluster totals $7 billion, including:

  • $785.4 million to protect national parks including funding and grants to the Environmental Trust and Wildlife Services and the acquisition of high-value conservation land.
  • $333.2 million to support the provision of energy rebates and emergency vouchers.
  • $257.3 million to support the state’s biodiversity and doubling the state’s koala population by 2050.
  • $179.9 million to help deliver the NSW Planning Reform Action plan and the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program to improve the transparency of the State’s planning system.
  • $149.7 million to help protect the environment from waste pollution and promote a clean transition to a circular economy through the implementation of the NSW Waste and Sustainable Material Strategy for 2041 and the NSW Plastics Action Plan.
  • $337.9 million for the development and construction of new social housing.
  • $152.1 million for rebates for water bills for low-income households.
  • $131.9 million to develop business cases and promote the early planning for water security measures.
  • $79.6 million to improve public spaces and construct new government infrastructure including upgrades to gardens, parklands, showgrounds, public reserves and national parks.


The Government continues to invest in education reforms to strengthen outcomes and pathways for students from pre-school to tertiary. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Education Cluster totals $24.3 billion, including:

  • $15.9 billion in funding to support education delivery for primary and secondary students in government schools aligning with the National School Reform Agreement (NSRA).
  • $1.5 billion in funding for non-government school support including capital works through the Building Grants Assistance Scheme.
  • $150 million in funding to provide free pre-school commencing in 2022, which continues the initiative which began during the COVIS-19 pandemic.
  • $124.8 million in funding for the Teach Supply Strategy to support the retention of high-performing teachers.
  • $57.7 million in funding to implement the NSW Curriculum Reforms by 2024 including $26.5 million to develop early and middle year schooling curriculum and $24.6 million in strengthening the curriculum and pathways for senior secondary students.
  • $24.6 million to implement the recommendations in the Gonski Shergold Review of the NSW VET Sector including the creation of pilot sites for the Institute of Applied Technology at Meadowbank and Kingswood and a pilot for Careers NSW.
  • $19 million in funding to progress information and technology programs across the State.

Stronger Communities

The Government continues to invest in protecting the NSW community through funding for emergency response, child protection and the prison system. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Stronger Communities Cluster totals $19.8 billion, including:

  • $4.3 billion in funding for the NSW Police Force including $41.5 million to provide 250 additional officers.
  • $3.6 billion in funding for individual packages and flexible supports for people with a disability, their families and carers through the NDIS.
  • $2.2 billion in funding for management of adult offenders in custody and the community including programs to reduce reoffending and community integration.
  • $1.4 billion in funding for out-of-home care and support for vulnerable children and facilitating permanency outcomes through guardianship and adoption.
  • $847.1 million in funding for Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) to facilitate timely and effective responses to emergency incidents and hazards.
  • $756.5 million investment to the child protection system to assess reports of abuse and neglect and reduce the number of children entering care.
  • $755.1 million in funding for NSW courts and tribunals, including new funding for local magistrates.
  • $730.5 million in funding to support low-income affordable housing including $52.4 million for the Aboriginal Community Housing Fund.
  • $102.5 in funding to develop sporting facilities across the state through the Multisport Community Infrastructure Fund.

Regional NSW

The Government continues to invest in conservation efforts and the State’s response to natural disasters. In 2021-22 expenditure in the Stronger Communities Cluster totals $2.8 billion, including:

  • $514 million investment in targeted recovery programs to deliver economic stimulus and support against natural disasters, including $177.6 million for the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Package, $99.5 million for the Infrastructure and Jobs Acceleration Fund, and $40 million for the Mouse Plague Response.
  • $398.4 million in funding to deliver programs promoting economic growth and support for regional NSW including $210.6 million for the Regional Growth Fund.
  • $318.2 million in funding for Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund projects including the Regional Digital Connectivity Program to deliver a more reliable digital network to regional NSW.
  • $187.8 million in funding to provide on-farm assistance, to improve productivity and foster innovation and climate resilience.
  • $176.9 million investment for protection against biosecurity risks and compliance with the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act 2015.
  • $164.9 million in funding for research to ensure sustainable growth in fishing, aquaculture and hunting.
  • $85.1 million investment to reduce plant and animal biosecurity risks including $19.6 million in funding for a 742-kilometre extension to the NSW Border Wild Dog Exclusion Fence.
  • $39.8 million in funding to implement the National Land Care program and foster partnerships with local Landcare communities.
  • $34.5 million in funding to facilitate growth of mining and exploration across the state.

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