Clemenger Consulting Graduate Program

August 2022*

Interview with Graduates

Applications are now open for the 2024 Clemenger Consulting Graduate Program! This competitive annual program offers graduates of all disciplines the opportunity to gain first-hand consulting experience with leading Clemenger Group companies.

We sat down with past graduates Laura Guest, Phoebe Renehan (now GRACosway Associate), and Molly Osborne (now GRACosway Consultant) to find out their tips, tricks and experiences completing the program.

See what they had to say below:

What attracted you to apply?

Phoebe: When I finished university, I wasn’t set on what I wanted to do – all I knew was I wanted a fast-paced job that offered something different every day. I knew working in an agency would suit my working style and Clemenger Group was always on my radar. The thought of working for an organisation that is an industry leader with such a diverse range of clients really excited me and this is what pushed me to apply.

Laura: I heard about the program from one of my lecturers and I was instantly interested. The opportunity to rotate through different companies throughout the year, learn from so many people in different industries and get the chance to experience working in each – it’s been the best opportunity I could have imagined.

What are the top skills you’ve learned that have been the most useful at this stage of your career?

Molly: Being adaptable, present and open to anything. Working in an office surrounded by experts provides you with endless opportunities to engage in new and exciting work every day. Often, you’re challenged with something completely new and that’s the fun of the work.

Phoebe: Moving across three different companies throughout the year really amplifies the importance of being adaptable, open minded and willing to learn. In the formative years of your career, acquiring these skills is integral to professional growth. The program also offers great opportunities to learn about yourself, understand how you learn best, work under pressure and manage time efficiently, whilst also establishing strong bonds with colleagues.

What did you find most enjoyable?

Molly: The fast-paced nature of corporate communications keeps you on your toes and I relish coming to work each day knowing every day is different. Also, working alongside colleagues at all levels and all ages on an everyday basis gives you access to an unmatched level of knowledge, which is invaluable for career development.

Phoebe: I really appreciate the importance of having supportive and interested colleagues and can attest that at each rotation this is the case. I have loved getting to know my peers and forging new friendships. Not only has everyone been incredibly inclusive and welcoming, they have also been great mentors who have taught me SO much.

Laura: There’s always more to learn and every day is different, that’s the most enjoyable part – as well as getting to know everyone at the different rotations!

Did anything surprise you?

Phoebe: I have found myself so pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed working in government relations, despite having no background and a very limited knowledge in politics and the intricate workings of the Government.

Laura: It’s definitely surprised me how much you can learn in such a short period of time. The start of each rotation can be very daunting when you’re faced with so much new information and essentially a new job, but everyone has always been so willing to take the time to help me learn. By the end of the rotations, I couldn’t believe how much I’d learnt.

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for soon-to-be or recent graduates who are thinking of applying?

Molly: Back yourself and have the confidence to walk into a meeting with your head held high. You don’t know what you don’t know, and whilst you may not have the experience of everyone else in the room, you can add value in your own way.

Laura: Just apply – you never know what could happen! I never anticipated that I would be one of the lucky ones selected for the program, but it’s been the best possible opportunity for someone just out of university and there’s nothing else quite like it.

More information:

Over 12 months, successful Clemenger Consulting Graduate Program applicants will learn from leaders in research, public relations, public affairs, and technological strategic communications across companies including GRACosway, Porter Novelli, Quantum Market Research and Hall and Partners, and Levo.

With positions available in Melbourne and Sydney, there has never been a better time to apply!

Applications close Friday 1 September 2023 at 5pm AEST.

*This article was updated August 2023


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