2016 Queensland Referendum and Local Government Election

2016 Queensland Local Government Election

Local Government elections were held in Queensland on Saturday 19 March, together with a referendum on four-year fixed terms for State parliament. It is expected that 29 new mayors will be elected, predominantly in smaller rural councils and areas where incumbent mayors retired.

The majority of Queensland’s high-profile mayors have been re-elected, including Tom Tate (Gold Coast), Mark Jamieson (Sunshine Coast), Paul Pisasale (Ipswich), Paul Antonio (Toowoomba), Jenny Hill (Townsville) and Bob Manning (Cairns). Former Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey has also been elected Mayor of Bundaberg following the loss of his state seat of Bundaberg at the January 2015 Queensland Election.

Other notable successes include Greg Williamson (Mackay) who defeated incumbent Deirdre Comerford after receiving 56 per cent of the vote, and Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett who was elected Mayor of Gladstone with 59 per cent of the vote against incumbent Gail Sellers.

Read more on the results for a number of key Queensland council areas here.

Four-year fixed term referendum

A referendum on four-year fixed Parliamentary terms appears to have received support from a majority of 3 million Queenslanders. The “yes” case has received over 53% of the vote, paving the way for Queensland’s electoral system to come into line with the other large States.


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